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About Radiant Cleaning Service

Radiant Cleaning is a cleaning service created by a former corporate executive mother with busy parents and commuters in mind.

After graduating from Cornell University owner Alexa Garcia had a robust corporate career working as a Buyer & Merchandiser for several Fortune 500 companies. But she left corporate after the birth of her special needs son, Alex. Alexa has been a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) for the last few years and understands just how much there is to do and that the work never seems to end!

She had never before considered owning her own cleaning business, but she enjoys managing and organizing her home and loves helping others clean, manage and organize theirs so much that Radiant Cleaning was created simply by pure demand. Thanks to our clients support and her passion for the work, it has quickly grown and developed its own brand and reputation throughout the Jersey Shore. We would love to extend that same great cleaning experience to you!

Our Staff

I love my team! We are a small, but fierce one. These women inspire me everyday with their dedication to their work and families. Their experience is diverse. They’ve worked for many other companies and services.

They’ve cleaned homes, hotels, doctors’ offices, schools and so much more. But each says that working for Radiant Cleaning Service is different. We are a small, boutique cleaning service. We take pride in catering to our clients and their individual needs. We are proud of the brand we’re building together.

We are committed to each other, to our client, to YOU.

Zaimari, Arielle, Alexa (Owner), Daysi, Angelica (Manager)
Lili, Lizeth, Alexa (Owner), Angelica (Manager), Daysi.