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About Radiant Cleaning Service

A former corporate executive and full-time mother created a cleaning service that caters to busy parents and commuters.

Alexandra “Alexa” Garcia, Owner

After her successful corporate career, Alexa’s experience as a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) gave her a deep understanding of the countless tasks and responsibilities that come with managing a household. This led her to realize her passion for managing and organizing homes, and she decided to channel that passion into helping others through a cleaning business.

Since its inception, Radiant Cleaning Service has quickly grown its brand and reputation in Monmouth and Ocean County, thanks to the support of its clients and Alexa’s dedication to providing a great cleaning experience. With Alexa’s background in buying and merchandising for Fortune 500 companies, she brings a unique perspective and attention to detail to her cleaning service. Clients can expect a highly professional and meticulous approach to cleaning, ensuring a thorough and satisfying experience.

Most recently Alexa has expanded her professional endeavors and is now working as a real estate agent with the local Freehold Weichert. This addition allows Radiant Cleaning Service to provide an enhanced range of services to their existing clients who are selling their homes. By combining the cleaning expertise of Radiant Cleaning Service with Alexa’s knowledge of the real estate market, clients can benefit from a holistic approach that streamlines their home-selling process.

Alexa Garcia, Owner And Son

Not only will Radiant Cleaning ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned, but they can also offer guidance on decluttering, organizing, and staging the home to maximize its appeal.

If you’re looking for a cleaning service that understands the demands of a busy lifestyle and delivers exceptional results, Radiant Cleaning, led by Alexa Garcia, is the go-to choice in Monmouth and Ocean County.

Jeannette Redwood, professional organizer

Jeannette Redwood, Organizer

Jeannette is a force to be reckoned with! Her experience in the corporate world, coupled with her ability to successfully manage various aspects of her life, makes her a valuable asset to Alexa and her business. It’s impressive how she’s been able to juggle multiple responsibilities, including her own gourmet cookie business, being a Class Mom, and serving as Vice President of her local elementary school PTO Board.

With her expertise as an organizer, Jeannette understands the challenges of balancing numerous tasks and priorities. She knows firsthand how difficult it can be to stay on top of everything and manages to help others tackle their organizing projects in both home and office settings. Her goal is to alleviate the stress of a never-ending to-do list, allowing clients to focus on more important aspects of their lives.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with organizing projects, Jeannette is here to help you get started and make progress. She can assist you in creating a plan to tackle your to-do list, bringing order and efficiency to your home or office. By working with Jeannette, you can free up time to enjoy the more important things in life.

Reach out to Jeannette Redwood and begin making strides towards a more organized and balanced life. She’s the go-to woman you can rely on, given her wealth of experience and dedication to helping others.

Angelica Goycochea, Freehold Field Manager

Angelica “La Jefa” [The Boss] Goycochea, Freehold Field Manager

Angelica is our Freehold Field Manager and an invaluable asset to our team. She started as a cleaner and, because of her commitment, integrity, and partnership- has moved up to the position of Freehold Field Manager.

With her experience and expertise, she now trains new employees, conducts quality checks for all accounts, and supports daily operations. We look forward to continuing to work with her.

Jeannie Castro, Morristown Operations and Field Manager

Jeannie Castro, Morristown Operations and Field Manager

Jeannie is our Morristown Operations and Field Manager. She hails from a family of entrepreneurs and has experience in running a multi-service business before and after graduating from Syracuse University. Jeannie is an accountant by trade, but understands the diverse responsibilities and roles that small business owners often have to take on. Her background affords her valuable insights and skills that will help contribute to our growth as we establish ourselves and expand our operations in Northern NJ.

Jeannie and Alexa met each other in college and share a similar background as first-generation immigrants who have witnessed the hard work of their families to provide them with opportunities. They share a vision of creating a financial legacy for their children while supporting and employing women and minorities in loving service of others.

Our Staff

I love my team! We may be a small crew, but we possess an undeniably fierce spirit. These incredible women inspire me every day with their unwavering dedication to both their work and their families.

The team at Radiant Cleaning Service brings a wealth of experience thanks to their diverse backgrounds and previous work at various companies. Having provided services in different settings, such as homes, hotels, doctors’ offices, and schools, they have gained valuable knowledge and expertise. This extensive experience allows us to implement best practices and proven methods. In addition to this, we customize our approach to the individual needs of every client, ensuring we deliver the highest level of service.

We are committed to each other, to our clients, to YOU.

Zaimari, Arielle, Alexa (Owner), Daysi, Angelica (Manager)
Lili, Lizeth, Alexa (Owner), Angelica (Manager), Daysi.