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“An absolutely amazing experience! Everything from making the appointment, the detailed cleaning, and the follow up were outstanding! So much detail and super professional. Alexa has created an impressive business. I definitely will use this service again and I highly recommend.”

Michael R.
Freehold, NJ

“I have a very complicated homelife with 9 children, 2 who are severely autistic. They require my undivided attention. My house was truly tossed upside down. Alexa came in with her team and rid us of the chaos of clutter and cleaned our house top to bottom. Her Organizer helped me purge through my excess stuff and truly reorganize what I wanted to keep. This made it actually so much easier to keep clean because everything had a home! Alexa attends to her work as if it is a vocation to make people’s life easier and bring peace. What a blessing.”

Karen M.
Colts Neck, NJ

“We are very happy to be using Radiant Cleaning Services and Alexa Garcia is great to work with. They are detail oriented, reliable, and do a lot of extras. Most importantly, they are very receptive to personal preferences and make sure everything comes out perfect. I cant recommend them enough!”

Julie I.
Jackson, NJ

“Radiant Cleaning has helped me reach my goal of improving our standards. The overall guest experience is changing. No doubt it is because of the detail that goes into every room. A completely professional company! The attention to detail is starting to really shine throughout the hotel. I look forward to our partnership!”

Todd O. from Hewitt Wellington Hotel
Spring Lake, NJ

“What have I been waiting for? Why has it taken years for me to finally ask for help. Yesterday I hired help! I hired Radiant Cleaning Service to help me begin organizing different areas of my home. Something I couldn’t have fathomed doing before. But sometimes it takes someone from the outside to bring everything into perspective. We came up with a plan after my first consultation and started yesterday! First project was the walk in pantry. It got emptied completely. Then it was purge mode. She had me make on the spot decisions on items, no waiting…do they bring me joy, have they served their purpose, are they just taking up space, will I use them or can someone else use them if I donate.

The whole process was cathartic. And I’m so excited to tackle the next few projects! For anyone who can completely relate to me check out Radiant Cleaning Service, it’s more than just a cleaning company.”

Danielle A.
Atlantic Highlands, NJ