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Our Policies

Radiant Cleaning Service’s Residential Policies

Thank you for choosing Radiant Cleaning Service. Here are our policies for your reference.

We look forward to working with you.

Preparation of Your Home
Please don’t feel that you should clean your home before we do. But if you take a few minutes the night before your scheduled cleaning to tidy things up, it will allow your Radiant Cleaning Service professionals to focus their energies on cleaning, which will give you a cleaner home. We can only clean as much of your tabletops and floors as we have access to.

Scheduling and Time
We work in arrival time windows. If your appointment is at 1pm, our team will arrive between 1pm and 2pm. Our team can call or text you when they are en route. Due to the nature of our business we cannot guarantee exact arrival times.

Confirming Your Appointment
A $100 deposit with a credit card on file is required to confirm your initial Deep Clean appointment. This is required even if you intend to pay for service by cash or check.

You will receive an appointment confirmation request via text and email. However, if you need to reschedule, please call us at (732) 427-3038.

Climate Control
Cleaning is hard and HOT work. During the summer months, we ask that air conditioning be turned on while your team is cleaning. Due to health concerns we cannot work in homes with temperatures higher than 72 degrees F.

Additional Cleaning Services
Additional cleaning services are available by request. These include your refrigerator, oven, and the inside of cabinets, for example. These services must be scheduled in advance with the office to ensure sufficient time to complete the additional work. Linen Service, Limited Dishes, Window Exteriors and Light Housekeeping are also available by request.

Expensive Antiques/Heirlooms/Etc
If you have antiques, heirlooms, crystal, collectables, works of art or other rare/unique items that you do not want touched, please let us know so we may note your account records. These will not be cleaned or disturbed.

Due to health considerations we cannot clean up after pet messes or vomit (ex. dog crates, litter boxes, bird cages, fish/reptile bowls).

For your convenience we accept keys and garage codes to enter your homes. We assign your key a code. It is never labeled with your name or address. Keys are kept secured. If possible, we ask for an exclusive garage code, so you are able to track when our specific team enters and exits your home.

If you elect not to give us a key and we do not have access to your home OR if we are turned away at the door, you will incur a lockout fee of $100.

We understand emergencies happen and that sometimes last-minute changes can’t be avoided. When possible, we ask for 48 hour notice. We will attempt to reschedule you as soon as possible, but it may take up to two weeks or until your next scheduled reoccurring appointment. After your 2nd cancellation, you will incur a $100 cancellation fee.

We accept cash, checks, credit cards and even Venmo/PayPal (@radiantcleaningnj). All Recurring Appointment credit card charges are processed on Mondays for all appointments of any given week. This applies only to those who pay by credit card.

If you are leaving cash or a check, please leave payment on the kitchen table or countertop in an envelope labeled Radiant Cleaning Service for the team to pick up. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, you will be responsible for any bank fees.

In the event Radiant Cleaning Service must pursue action for lack of payment, we are entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fees, late fees, and any costs in addition to any other remedy available to us.

Liability for Breakage, Theft, and Injury
Most homeowners are not aware of their potentially enormous liability with home-service workers. Don’t worry Radiant Cleaning Service is properly insured with liability, bonding and workers’ compensation insurance. Insurance certificates can be provided at your request.

While we take every precaution to avoid breakage in your home, unfortunately, accidents happen. You will be notified and sent pictures of any instance of breakage. We will make arrangements to have the item repaired or replaced, if necessary. We cannot be responsible for damage resulting from loose table legs, picture/shelves not properly secured to walls, items already in disrepair, etc. Breakage claims must be reported to the office within 24 hours of service.

Rate Increases & Adjustments
Recurring Appointment rates may increase annually by an amount not to exceed 5% of current rate. The new rate may be effective on the first day of the month in which you signed up for service. Other adjustments to your rate may be made at any time during the year should there be changes to the frequency of your service or home or living situations e.g. renovations, increase in the number of people or pets living in the home, significant addition of furniture.

We strive not just to meet but exceed your expectations. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns or if we can serve you better. We want to address immediately any issues you may have. It’s our privilege to have you as our customer.