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How to Figure out How Much it Would Cost to Clean My House?

Cleaning is fundamental for every household to maintain and ensure that it is always in pristine condition. However, many people do not know how to plan for the cleaning and the costs involved.

Cleaning is influenced by different factors including your requirements and preferences among others. For better clarity on this subject, there is a need to elucidate on all these factors so that people can have better comprehension of the same.

This helps to ensure that you are able to plan accordingly thus allocating a dedicated budget towards this endeavor alongside being cognizant of all other different elements that might affect the house cleaning. This article will therefore delve deep, highlight and discuss all the factors that determine the amount it will cost to do house cleaning.

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Mode and Regularity of Cleaning

The mode of cleaning and the corresponding regularity have a compounding effect on the pricing of cleaning. Regular cleaning is definitively done and scheduled frequently. It entails vacuuming, wiping, buffing and cleaning different types of surfaces. Frequent cleaning implies that the cleaning is done periodically and this could be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly in some instances. On the other hand, deep cleaning is much more thorough and intense, and it involves more than regular cleaning. The implication is that it is a bit pricier and this is attributed to the skill, effort and time it requires to undertake the same. Finally, specialized cleaning entails a rare type of cleaning during an event, occasion or when moving into a new home. The bespoke nature of this cleaning means that it often entails a price quotation that is different from regular and deep cleaning.

House Layout

A house with very intricate and complicated architecture will definitely incur more costs as it requires specialized attention. Houses with these types of layouts that are not easy to clean will cost you more than simple rudimentary spaces, which can be cleaned with consummate ease. The layout of the house is therefore pivotal in determining the prices premised on such complexities or lack thereof.


This is one of the most critical factors directly affecting the amount needed for house cleaning. It is more laborious to clean a big house with many rooms than it is to clean a smaller house, which is much simpler and straightforward. Cleaning prices are determined by the square footage. The bigger the footage the higher the prices and vice versa. A house with more floors and more rooms will also be more expensive to clean due to the challenges involved.

State of the House

This translates to the condition of the house and whether it is well-maintained or simply neglected. It is very easy to clean a home that is well maintained hence rendering the cleaning prices quite cheaper. This is in stark contrast to the ignored and neglected houses. These ones require one to expend more time and effort towards the cleaning hence, culminating in price increments.

Geographical Area

This is predicated on where the distinct house is situated. A house located in a major town and cosmopolitan area could mean that the cleaning prices are high as the residents are deemed to be high-income earning. The higher cost of living in such areas also leads to such high prices. More so, the more concentrated the cleaners are in a specified location, the more reasonably priced the cleaning will be due to increased and heightened competition. The prevailing economic situation in different regions can also have a huge impact on the strategies deployed, and the prices charged by cleaning companies.

Reliability and Reputation

A cleaning company, which is well famed for offering impeccable services based on positive reviews will definitely charge higher prices due to the goodwill accumulated over time. The phenomenal quality of service rendered ensures that the cleaning companies are deemed reliable and highly reputable. The prices charged will therefore be high compared to poorly rated companies with negative reviews and reputation, as they do not exact high prices on their clients.


This is very influential as during the peak season such as spring cleaning or during the busy holiday and eventful period, the prices will be high compared to the off-peak season when the demand for such services is quite low.

The foregoing clearly indicates all the factors, that can help you, figure out how much it would cost to clean your house. By clearly understanding all these elements and by liaising with your cleaning company about your unique needs, you stand better guided and informed about how to decide on a service that is within the confines of your budget.