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How Clean Does a House Have To Be When Sold?

Many people are not sure whether there are any legal stipulations or requirements about cleaning a house before a sale.

For clarity, there does not exist any legal requirement to clean a house before putting the same on the market for sale.

It is mostly a moral responsibility and essentially a fundamental prerequisite in case you want to increase the value.

After establishing this, the question therefore lingers, exactly how clean does it have to be? Is deep cleaning necessary or does a simple cleaning suffice?

This shall be discussed in this article to aid you in comprehending the extent to which you have to clean when you want to have it purchased.  

Cleaning Service Before Selling

Be Clear and Concise

It is vital to be clear from the onset about the status. This helps to satisfy and surpass the buyer’s expectations because they appreciate honesty. A deep-cleaned and overly pristine house could make many buyers question whether you are trying to cover or hide some defects. It is important to note that based on all the examinations done, it is quite difficult to hide any issues or defects. This helps you understand that no amount of cleaning can overcompensate for a place full of hidden issues. Buyers would rather have a minimally tidy place devoid of any excessive obsession over hygiene and would conversely prefer some sincerity that the place has previously been inhabited. 

First Impressions

This entails the perceptions that most buyers form upon a cursory glance or look. First impressions really matter as they set the tone of how the course of the dealings will be moving forward and whether the deal or sale will actually materialize or come to fruition. To ensure that the first impressions are ideal and that the place is appealing on the first and initial visit, you should put more focus on the areas that buyers deem critical. This includes the kitchen, which is the heart of the home hence some steps such as clearing the fridge could create a lasting impression. Another area is the bathroom thus; you should ensure that it is mold-free. Others include the living area, bedrooms and the garden. There should be no clutter or bad odors in the former whereas the lawns should be manicured and patios swept pertaining to the latter.

Strategic Cleaning

This type of cleaning ensures that the place is depicted as the best possible fit for the buyers. It entails elements such as decluttering, vacuuming floors and surfaces, ensuring that the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless, dealing with any manifest defects such as chipped paintwork and making sure that the patio and the garden are perfectly cleaned. Others also go the extra mile and involve professionals to clean the carpets or for a regular deep clean. There are also some priority areas just before completing a sale including the gardens, walls, bathrooms, windows, garden and garage among others. Focusing on these areas ensures that the transition and handing over is flawless and seamless as you have done everything to display some goodwill on your part and the majority of the buyers often appreciate such an endeavor.

Personal Preferences

There is a fine margin about just how clean it should be before putting it up for sale. This is because buyer’s preferences clearly differ and the expectations similarly do vary. Some prefer a very clean property whereas others just care less. More so, others prefer just a reasonably clean place. There is no standard metric as to how clean a house ought to be. The onus is therefore on you to do some due diligence to find out what kind of prospective buyer you are dealing with and what their expectations are.

Most times, it is better to analyze everything on a case-to-case basis based on the proper evaluation of your target market to make a better-informed decision. However, if it is still difficult to make an inference based on the target market, deep cleaning and ensuring that the place is in perfect condition does not hurt. As mentioned previously, it aids in increasing the value. Most professionals however advise that doing what is reasonable is ample as most prospective buyers appreciate just some minimal effort as long as the place is not neglected and full of defects. Briefly, you should clean the place thoroughly but realistically. One thing to note is that doing the cleaning yourself can be quite daunting. It is for this reason that you should hire experts to help.