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Commercial Cleaning Guidelines

There is a huge distinction between commercial and residential cleaning. Many people are usually accustomed to residential cleaning. This is often characterized by domestic chores, which many homeowners are well versed with as they often entail routine home tasks such as cleaning the house by sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors, cleaning the toilet, doing laundry, washing utensils, ironing clothes, tidying the compound among others.

These are tasks quite familiar to many which are in stark contrast to commercial cleaning which is a concept that is alien to many although it does not involve any foreign ideas as it’s the usual cleaning just done differently and in varying areas of commercial spaces. Upon proper construction of the duties and tasks involved in commercial cleaning, the following are the guidelines that are frequently associated with the job.

  • Cleaning
commercial cleaning guidelines
This is at the heart of commercial cleaning as can be inferred from the title of the article and its definitive meaning. It usually entails cleaning and organizing the workspace such as an office to ensure that you and your staff have the most conducive space to perform your work and for the staff to discharge their core obligations unobstructed and devoid of any distracting mess that could hinder or inhibit how they work. Commercial cleaning will normally involve dusting the desk and other office equipment, mopping the floor and comprehensively vacuuming all the carpets, disposing of all the trash and ensuring that there are proper recycling guidelines in place to enhance eco-friendliness.

  • Sanitizing

Commercial spaces are very delicate areas due to the diverse nature of the various people involved. It is therefore only natural to ensure that sanitizing surfaces is central to one of the commercial cleaning guidelines to avoid a rampant spread of viral or other diseases due to the possible neglect of this simple task. Sanitizing should be thoroughly starting with the normal surfaces such as desks, knobs, boards and other office equipment that would be prone and susceptible to germs due to frequent contact with the work personnel.

  • Checklist

A checklist is a vital component of commercial cleaning and it is one of the guidelines that is often overlooked. The overly sensitive nature of commercial spaces as mentioned earlier makes it necessary to have a clear outline of how the same ought to be done. This is usually clearly stipulated in a well-drafted checklist. This helps to identify and make it clear how the cleaning ought to be done and the frequency in the different areas within the same commercial area. An example is some areas such as the washroom may be requiring hourly attendance whereas some other areas such as the reception entrance lobby may only necessitate upkeep after every two hours. These guidelines or the absence thereof could really affect the hygiene in the commercial work area by contributing towards it or compromising the same largely if such guidelines are made a mere afterthought or completely forgotten. This also makes it simple to schedule the different types of cleaning such as air duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor mat and deep cleaning and decide exactly when the same should be done without recurrent or repeated tasks, which would render it an expensive endeavor.


  • Consistency

A single commercial cleaning session can never suffice. There has be a total willingness to do the cleaning consistently without fail to conform to the expected standards. There should be well laid cannons and guidelines as to how the overall cleaning is to be done such as weekly or bi-weekly and this make it easy and the cleaning process at such intervals is made seamless as it’s done without fail and eliminating such omissions makes the cleaning impeccable.

  • Specificity

The best part of the article has discussed commercial cleaning with office space in mind. However, it is apt to know the exact cleaning needed as commercial cleaning transcends the cleaning of an office and it can include the hospitality industry cleaning, industrial cleaning services and janitorial cleaning services. Most of the tasks may be similar but it is good to be thorough to ensure that there is no intertwining of tasks.

  • Safety

This is a critical guideline to observe as in some forms of commercial cleaning such as industrial cleaning, personal protective equipment may be necessary including in-depth knowledge of handling hazardous incidents at work while cleaning including the need to be conversant with all the requisite safety measures to avoid accidents at work.

The aforementioned are some of the commercial cleaning guidelines. However, you should hesitate from liaising with an experienced professional in case you need some clarity in some areas within this commercial cleaning topic.