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How do You Keep Office Equipment Clean and Hygienic?

Keeping office equipment clean should never be treated as an option but it ought to be mandatory in a bid to ensure that we not only stay protected and guarded but also that everyone around us is constantly safe from viruses and bacteria.

This is quite important, especially at this kind of time where we are at the height of a very serious and deadly pandemic.

Office equipment provides a platform for germs to thrive hence rendering regular cleaning and disinfecting a very vital exercise to try to mitigate against such risks that could ultimately prove to be fatal if left unchecked. This article looks at several ways of keeping office equipment clean.

Commercial Companies

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This is one of the most popular ways of achieving this clean office equipment. However, high-end companies mostly adopt it because they can afford to hire experienced professionals without feeling the pinch of forking out such colossal sums of money for an endeavor that is deemed basic and simple to accomplish. Nevertheless, for those companies which can afford it, it is worth it as the professionals always do a thorough job that a DIY office clean-up routine can never attain or even surpass. Commercial companies deploy the best kind of tools for this task and they guarantee that the work will be perfectly done without any room for dissatisfaction. More so, they are ideal for bigger companies where the office equipment to be cleaned is so diverse and quite delicate for randomly hired staff to deal with without prejudice to their work competencies.

Sanitizing Wipes

This is the simplest way of keeping office equipment clean and hygienic, as wipes are cheap and readily available. Regular wiping can ensure that the equipment is always clean before later organizing for some deep cleaning which should definitely be easier bearing in mind that the wipes wee ensuring that the equipment was well maintained and in pristine condition. As mentioned above, professional companies are the best in deep cleaning to eliminate the bacteria and any other hidden dirt and germs that might still be lingering around the office equipment.


Computers should be approached carefully and any liquids should be steered away from as they might seep in and cause irreparable damage. In such instances, a microfiber cloth can definitely suffice. The same is applicable for office furniture hence implying that manufacturer instructions should adhere to the core as they can aid you to distinguish between instances where vacuuming and dry cleaning is applicable and where a microfiber cloth and some fluids can be fitting. Any other equipment that everyone in the office usually comes into close contact with such as cleaning equipment should also be thoroughly sanitized.

Work Guidelines

This entails laying down proper rules, guidelines and establishing a routine to ensure that the office equipment is in great condition through these habitual office practices that everyone should adhere to. This boils down to laying down strict work rules and regulations which should be observed in the letter to ensure that the office equipment is clean hence avoiding any chances of dangerous scenarios that can be attributed to dirty and filthy working equipment. A code of ethics should also compliment such primary laid down rules as some habits such as eating at work or on the desk should be avoided and some punitive measures established. This is because office equipment is very prone and susceptible to dirt and such habits of eating, snacking or other unwarranted habits are often the cause of such dirt and bacteria.

Collective Action

This is very effective as there is always power in numbers. The managers and any other people involved should find a single day to have a united cleaning day where all staff is involved. The rationale behind this is that when people feel the pain of cleaning after expending a lot of effort towards the same, then it is only rational that they will feel obligated to take ample care of the office equipment having the full realization that they are still the ones who will be mandated to undertake such a task.

This article has highlighted the distinct ways through which office equipment can be kept clean and hygienic. You should adopt some of these ways at your workplace and this is mostly applicable for those who are in some leadership capacity or managerial position. However, in case you feel that some of the outlined ways might not be helpful, you should obviously not hesitate from involving the services of a professional cleaning company.