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How Proper Office Cleaning Can Improve Employees’ Health

In the hustle of running a business productively, administrators often overlook certain aspects while developing the workspace – including cleanliness. You often see cast-off coffee mugs, chocolate wrappers, and dusty laptops on an office table, and it’s bound to disturb your employees’ subconscious.

In fact, a recent study by the Staples Corporation found that 94 percent of workers reported feeling more productive when they are exposed to a clean work environment. And 77 percent of respondents stated that a clean workplace enables them to generate higher quality work. Another survey by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), found 88 percent of respondents believed an unclean workspace harmed their concentration and productivity.

A Clean Workplace Can Improve Employees’ Health

Janitor Cleaning Desk With Cloth In Office

One of the main reasons for high absenteeism or absence of employees at work is an unhygienic environment. It may not seem like a big deal- maybe just a little more mopping and vacuuming might do the job. But it goes beyond that.

If a business wants to succeed, productivity and efficiency are the keys. And employees play an essential role in boosting this process.

  1. Low or No Absenteeism

Sick leaves are for employees’ when they fall sick. We know that. But what if your employees’ are falling ill due to the unhygienic work environment? It’s something that you don’t want, and it’s something that shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

A clean and germ-free workplace will ensure the frequency of sick leaves are reduced, and your employees are fit and healthy, making them less prone to illness.

  1. Keeps Employees Happy

A healthy individual will be a happy one. When your workplace is cleaned and sanitized, it automatically sets a positive tone, and a fresh feeling like your employees enter the workplace. It creates a good vibe, and they get motivated to work for a longer time with zero issues.

Cleaning the office, such as keeping the doorknobs, glass doors, windows, sweeping and mopping the floors, can reduce the chances of illness.

  1. Enhances Productivity

A clean workplace boosts productivity as the brain gets to focus on important tasks better. It helps the employees stay organized and meet deadlines, thus increasing their productivity.

And for any business to thrive, the first step is to keep their employees happy, which comes by keeping the workplace hygienic. Investing in it is crucial to the way your employees work. Never ignore proper office cleaning at any point.

  1. Ensures Smooth Workflow

Better productivity leads to seamless workflow with low sick leaves and enhanced interests. It’s essential to keep the waters filtered as it can cause various diseases, which can hinder the workflow.

Water-borne conditions can be bad for your employees’ health and, in turn, your business. They should be provided nothing but the best, so you get to deliver the best to your clients at all times.

  1. Keeps Workers Safe

Occupational hazards can be bad and can demean your company’s image if the employee faces any major problems because of a cluttered workplace.

You need to protect and provide safety to your employees, and any harmful objects causing injuries to your workers cost you your reputation. Proper office cleaning prevents such injuries and keeps your employees safe and happy.

  1. Improves overall well-being 

The office is the second place your workers spend the most time apart from home. And it’s essential to treat it as home and keep it clean. By doing so, you’re keeping your employees healthy and their overall well-being.

A messy workplace can instantly switch off the brain and hamper productivity and lead to irritation. It’s the overall well-being that you need to aim to keep your employees coming back to work every day and contribute better to the organization.

How to Keep the Workplace Clean?

Here are just a couple of things to ensure hygiene is maintained at the workplace.


  • Come up with a cleanliness policy
  • Ensure both the staff and the employees’ are following the set standards
  • Regularly clean and sanitize by hiring contractual workers
  • Periodically hold meetings and emphasize the importance of personal hygiene
  • Set up a policy on how to keep the restrooms clean

An office setting is meant to be kept neat and clean to boost employees’ productivity and ensure better health at the same time. It’s crucial to keep the workplace hygienic and provide safety to employees on any given day. If you’re scaling your start-up, a strict hygiene policy can keep both your staff and employees safe and healthy.