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How Do You Reduce Dust in a Room With Carpet Floor?

It is so frustrating when you do not understand why your house gets so dusty, especially when you have rooms with carpet floors. The good news is you can manage the dirt and dust that collect on your carpets by finding the source. Once you have found the solution, it is crucial to let your family members know what you are trying to do and how they can help in your quest for a dust-free home. This article gives practical and useful tips on reducing dust in a room with a carpeted floor.

  • Vacuum Effectively

It is recommended to vacuum every room at least once a week. However, high-traffic areas need to be vacuumed every day to keep them dust-free.

a lady cleaning the carpet in her house
Instead of pushing your vacuum cleaner back and forth, consider working in slow, overlapping strokes. If you vacuum too fast, the machine will not suck up all the dirt from your carpets. You get less dust when you vacuum the right way.

  • Stop Dirt at the Doors

One of the best ways to stop dirt at the entrance is to give people something to wipe their feet before entering your house. This practice reduces the quantity of dust tracked indoors even if they take off their shoes inside. Use a hand-vac to clean the doormats and be sure to rinse or vacuum both sides when cleaning them.

  • Use an Air Purifier

You can reduce dust from collecting in your carpets using an air purifier. It works by sucking dust out of the air indoors so that it does not accumulate on the floor and other surfaces around the house. Besides dust, it keeps the air clean by getting rid of allergens such as mold spores and pollen.

  • Designate Areas for Pets

Keeping pets out of certain rooms in your house can help manage dirt and dust. Pets wander about in your home with dirty feet if they spend most of the time outside. Even though you want them to feel happy and spend time with your family, you can restrict them from accessing other rooms that have carpets in them.

  • Clean the Air Ducts

If you have kids or pets in the house, there are high chances your vents will be clogged with a few things including dust and dander. Take this time to pull the vent cover and peek because you only need at least 5 minutes to clean each vent the first time. While you are at it, do not forget to clean the wall vent covers and the dusty floor register.

  • Minimize Clutter

The more stuff that is sitting around your house, the dustier your home will be. Keep your countertops, tables, and other furniture clear of things you have not used for a long time. You can also donate or give away things that you are tired of or no longer suits your tastes. The lesser things you have around, the easier it is to vacuum and clean dust from surfaces.

  • Groom Pets Outside

Regular grooming is essential as it helps you keep pet hair under control. However, dogs and cats leave behind a lot of dust and dander when shedding their skin flakes and hair. Grooming them outside ensures all dandruff and fluff stays outside. If it is necessary you groom them inside, spread an old towel on the bathroom floor so you can gather it afterward, shake it out, and send it to the laundry.

  • Close Your Windows On Windy Days

A windstorm can carry all kinds of dust, pollen, and other allergens inside your home within a short time. Closing your windows during windy days can help reduce the amount of dust in a room with a carpeted floor. You can use the fan or AC to regulate the temperature inside in the meantime.

  • Make House Rules

As long as you are the only one trying hard to keep dust away from your home, you will always end back in the same place you were before. One of the rules you can implement for your family is to tell them to take off their shoes before they walk into a room with a carpet on it. Make sure they know and understand what you are doing to keep dust and dirt at bay.

The best way to fix most household problems requires one to go back to the source. Covering every surface with a plastic wrap will not help in the long run as long as dust keeps coming in. Trying your best to keep out as much dust as possible with the above tips is the ideal solution to keeping your home free from dust, dander and other allergens.