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The Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Cleaning Service For Your Home.

A cleaning service to some may seem like a luxury or an unnecessary extravagance. However, the same perception isn’t associated with ordering out or hiring a handyman. Sometimes, it just makes sense to seek out help when you are overwhelmed. It is simply the practical thing to do and it can save you time, money, and stress. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider a cleaning service for yourself.

1. Commuting
Do you spend more time commuting to and from work in NY than you do at home? You’re already overworked. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a peaceful, clean home after a long day of meetings? You can schedule regular cleanings to ensure your home is always maintained. Many companies also provide additional services, like dry cleaning pick-ups and package deliveries to help free up your weekends too.
2. More Time With Your Friends And Family
You’re already working and commuting 12 hours a day. You want to relax, but once you’re home there’s even more work to do. There’s cooking, laundry, groceries and general errands. And that’s just if you’re single. If you have kids, there’s homework, practices, and bedtime routines. Does it ever end? When do you actually get to see friends and family? Hiring a cleaning service frees up your time to spend it with those you love. Many good companies have add-on services that will take care of most, if not all, of your additional responsibilities. It’s like having a house-keeper or personal assistant. If a cleaning service is already in your home and has already earned your trust, maximize their utility. It will increase your free time and pay off tenfold.
3. The Nitty Gritty
Even if you don’t mind light cleaning, deep cleanings are necessary. They prevent wear and tear from progressing much faster than they normally would. And you decrease the risks of incurring higher costs for repair or replacements. When was the last time you cleaned under and behind your couch? The grill on top of the stove? What about under the fridge? Should I even ask about the baseboards?! An additional set of eyes and hands can get to all the hard to reach and most overlooked areas of your home. Cleaning services offer difference packages. You can request seasonal deep cleanings and maintain your home in between.
4. Roommates
You’re out of school and out of Mom-and-Dad’s house, but now you have roommates to share a house with. You all have different routines and standards of “clean”. Instead of fighting over the cleaning schedule or who left what mess again, a cleaning service can help clean up after everyone. And split amongst everyone, it will be a steal!
5. Because It’s Ok
Much of the cleaning falls on women. Single, married, roommate, daughter or wife, women assume the cleaning more than men. We think we’re Superwoman. We plan cleaning after work, cooking dinner, dishes, homework, extracurricular activities, trying to eat dinner, cleaning the kitchen, and loading the dishwasher if you’re lucky. Whew! We think we can handle it all and stretch ourselves until we’re paper thin. It’s ok to ask to help! A cleaning service can help give you a breather. It’s really a form of self-care. Think of the expense as an investment in yourself and your sanity. Worth every penny!

These are but a few of the reasons for hiring a cleaning service. They offer many more services that you might benefit from. Call your local company for more information.