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Cleaning With The Family – Telecommuting And Remote Learning

Working from home or learning from home, is a challenge in and of itself, adding a family to that mix can make completing work or school tasks nigh-on impossible. The family adds a whole new dimension to the situation and you’re going to need to learn how to navigate that, all the while trying to learn/work and keep a clean house.

Keeping a clean house is definitely a struggle, when you have no time, things get away from you. The dishes don’t get done, the laundry doesn’t get done, the floors don’t get swept, the carpet doesn’t get vacuumed… Sure, your significant other may be able to chip in, but they too lead a busy life.

Here are some tips on working or learning from home, with the family, while trying to maintain a clean and functional space.

Manage Your Time

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Your first step should be to pick tasks that can be done within, say, an hour or forty-five minutes. Think of it like a lunch-break cleaning challenge – what can you get done during the time that would normally be allotted for your lunch break at work – though you shouldn’t do these tasks during your actual lunch break, simply think of time management in that way. This will allow you to compartmentalize and prioritize your overwhelming tasks so that they aren’t so overwhelming.

Do Small Things Often

They say that every little helps and that’s certainly true in this case. If you find yourself overwhelmed, pick one or two things that you can do throughout the run of the day that will give you some small sense of accomplishment. Whether that’s doing the dishes or vacuuming one or two small rooms and leaving the rest for later or washing one set of windows in one room of the house.

Laundry Just Got Easier!

No more finding the time to do the laundry, or only doing it on weekends while it piles up during the week, starting your laundry and then switching it over to the dryer just became so much easier! You’re in your own home and the laundry hamper really isn’t that far away. If you’re not working in the office, but working in your bedroom, then it’s pretty much staring at you, saying “Empty me”. Take it to your laundry room/basement and begin the cycle, then set a timer on your phone for however long it typically takes to do a load. This will allow you to take a break from the screen and switch it over to the dryer. Easy, simple, and takes no real time away from your work.

Wipe Down One Room’s Surfaces

This is good to do with your kitchen. Spend ten minutes away from your computer and wipe down all the kitchen countertops, the stovetop, and the dining table. Chuck those dishes in the sink and deal with them later, after work, for now, focus on wiping down those countertops and get them looking spick-and-span. A quick wipe down of the oven (if it needs it) and you’re all set to go back to work. That didn’t take long, did it? One task accomplished today. (Self-five).

Cooking With No Time

Thanks to the absolute genius who invented the slow cooker, or crockpot, cooking without the time to cook have never been easier! You can prepare a meal before you start work in the morning, say, around 8AM. It takes about 20-30 minutes, for example, to prep a basic chili and throws it in the slow cooker. Then, it’ll cook all day and the house will smell heavenly by the time you’re done at 5 o’clock.

Make the bed(s)

Yes, it’s a simple task, but you’d be amazed how many people don’t make their bed in the morning. It’s the morning ritual you’ve had drilled into you, ever since you were a child, but then adulthood gets in the way and you stop making it. Psychological studies have shown that making your bed will make you happier and more productive. You can think of it as a way to start your day. “Okay, I’ve made my bed, now I can leave the bedroom and begin the day.” If your kids aren’t making their own beds, make theirs too! That’ll take less time, but you should start them making their own beds pronto.

Nobody has time to clean between work and family if they work at home, but the small stuff you can do during your workday will make the world of difference to your routine and home life.