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How Often Should You Deep Clean Your House?

A clean house comes with lots of benefits ranging from good health, quality life and prevention of structural damage due to over-accumulation of clutter and bacteria. Since deep cleaning involves cleaning every inch of the house, it is not possible to do this every day. To achieve this, you can schedule the cleaning in phases and at the end of the day, you will have achieved a lot and attained a healthy life. This article gives you tips on how to organize your schedule when deep cleaning your house.

  • Daily Deep Cleaning Tasks

Since cooking and taking showers are every day encounters, it, therefore, means that the sinks, countertops, utensils and the countertops take the most beating when it comes to being subjected to dirt and bacteria. That being said, you should clean these items every day to avoid dirty dishes piling up on the sink.

Hand cleaning refrigerator. fridge cleaning - spray bottle with detergents for washing the fridge.
If left dirty, these places could harbor bacteria and the possibility of mold growth, all which pose a serious risk to your health. Cleaning these surfaces every day prevents cross-contamination and spread of dirt to other areas of the house. Be sure to clean any spot and pick any dirt from the floor as soon as you see it.

  • Deep Cleaning Activities to do Twice Every Week

Since it is impossible to mop, sweep and disinfect surfaces and floors every day, you should do this once or twice every week. Use a mix of warm water and vinegar or lemon in a spray bottle and a soft piece of cloth to disinfect all surfaces in the kitchen. These include inside the microwave, kitchen countertops, the stove, kitchen and bathroom sinks, the doorknobs, taps and fridge grills. Also, clean the sponges, towels, bathmats and dry them out to avoid buildup of bacteria. Clean the tile grout and mop the floors of the whole house without forgetting to vacuum the carpets and furniture so that dirt and dust does not accumulate. Most importantly, do not forget to change your bedding and clean them in the washer.

  • Cleaning Tasks That Should Be Done Once or Twice a Month

It is easy to forget to clean light fixtures, something that would make your rooms seem dull due to the buildup of dust. To avoid this, dust and wipe them every once a month. Also, do not forget to clean all your kitchen appliances with a mixture of warm water and lemon water or vinegar in a spray bottle. Repeat the same process while dealing with the cabinetry and any other woodwork. After you are done, turn on the dehumidifier to prevent water from damaging the woodwork through rotting.

  • 3 to 6 Months Activities

After every 3 to 6 months, you should clean the dirt in the gutters the roof surface of any leaves lying over. Then, head to the deck and clean everything from the floor, flower vases and pots. Use disinfectants to clean the inside of the fridge and the freezer. Use a steam cleaner to clean the mattress and add some essential oils to remove odors from the mattress, pillows and the duvet. Wash the curtains and drapes in the washer or replace them if they are torn and worn out. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets without forgetting to give the windowpanes a thorough cleaning. Most importantly, clean the range hood with a degreaser and wash the filters in warm water and some detergents in the dishwasher. Also, give the air purifier blades a clean wipe with warm water and some detergents. All these will prevent bacteria from building up and dirt being transferred to other places in the house.

  • What Should You Do At Least Once an Year

If you have kids in the house, the walls will have taken enough beating from drawings, paintings, and food spills from the kids. It is now time to give them a facelift. Start by cleaning the dirt and dust by wiping them with a clean dry cloth, and then clean the stains using a wet cloth and bleach. Leave the walls to dry before applying a primer. Ensure you keep the kids away from touching the walls before the paint is dried off.

As it is already evident, deep cleaning a house is quite tedious and will require you to get handy. It is also a good way to keep fit when kneeling and scrubbing the floors and carpets, all of which will help you burn some calories. On the flip side, you cannot do these things if you are not physically fit and this why you should consider professional cleaning services.