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What is Included in a Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial cleaning includes deep cleaning of office or what is known as a commercial premise. Commercial cleaning is best suitable for office premises since this allows the management and the employees to be engaged in other matters about the business, hence more productivity. Commercial cleaning involves different levels of cleaning but it is important to check the services a cleaning company offers since not all companies offer the same services. This article looks at services included in a commercial cleaning service.

  • Janitorial Cleaning

Most cleaning companies offer daily routine cleaning services such as dusting, replacement of toiletries in the washrooms, cleaning of minor spills, vacuuming the carpet, and mopping the floor.

a team cleaning a commercial office
Although janitorial cleaning services are not needed on a daily basis, cleaning companies can always make custom packages to make it possible for clients to have daily routine janitorial cleaning, instead of hiring a third party for the job.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning a carpet is a massive job that involves a lot of time and energy. Therefore, a janitorial cleaner cannot do this on their own since they are also many and big carpets from every office on the premises. For this reason, the cleaning of the carpet in the office is left to the cleaning companies because they have the right equipment and techniques to do the job with a lot of ease.

  • Garbage Clearing

As an alternative to junk removal companies, cleaning companies also do clear garbage at commercial premises. This is because garbage at commercial premises may not be that much to warrant the hiring of junk removal companies. Instead, arrange with a cleaning company to clear the garbage as they do exterior cleaning of the premises. It may not be the primary purpose of hiring a cleaning company but they can always adjust to incorporate garbage clearing and this will save you some money.

  • Window Cleaning

Cleaning of windows of commercial premises is risky and dangerous since it involves hanging on ropes on the exterior sides of tall buildings. However, a cleaning company has the necessary equipment and techniques to do the job with caution and precision. The cleaning staff is also highly trained so that they do not fall but just in case accidents occur, they are fully insured.

  • Hard Surface Cleaning

Sometimes spills can occur in hard surfaces like concrete, tiles, ceramic, stone and vinyl, which could be beyond the skills of a janitorial cleaner because they cannot be removed with just a scrubby use of a hard brush and detergent. This is where a commercial cleaning services company comes in since they have the necessary equipment, chemicals, and techniques to remove the hard stains on such surfaces.

  • Upholstery and Furniture

Some of the furniture found in commercial premises include leather seats, couches, and sofa beds. Just because these are office and not home furniture, it does not mean that they should be neglected for any whatsoever. They matter a lot as far as your business or firm’s image is concerned, hence the need to call a cleaning company to come and clean them if they are in a dilapidated condition.

  • Construction Cleanup

If your office premises are undergoing construction or renovations, there may be tons of dangerous junk such as glass and paint lying all over. A cleaning company has highly trained staff to handle such junk, no matter how heavy and risky it may appear. Since a construction company may not be responsible for cleaning up, have a cleaning company come in and clear the junk, instead of waiting for a junk removal company.

  • Emergency and Disaster Cleanup

After a disaster has occurred, it leaves behind a trail of junk and garbage all over, both at residential and commercial places. The junk and garbage may be too much and this is where a cleaning company comes in. Furthermore, during emergencies such as drainage breakages or water system leaks, the damage may be too much, hence the need to call a cleaning company to come and do the cleanup.

The condition of the office premises speaks a lot about your business. A dirty premise makes the management and the staff unproductive since there is no conducive environment to work in. Research shows that a clean environment leads to a productive team at work. However, before hiring a cleaning company, ensure to first inquire what services they are offering because not all companies offer the same services. Besides, ensure to check their customer reviews and ratings to ensure that they are offering quality services.