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How to Clean Mirrors in the Bathroom

You can use a myriad of ways to clean bathroom mirrors some of which work exceptionally well whereas others are equally frustrating. Just like any other endeavor, mirror cleaning also entails its do and don’ts. Some people normally adopt the obvious simplistic cleaning ways, which always leave some streaks.

They are accustomed to using wipes, towels after a shower, tissue, newspaper or even some ordinary or regular cleaners that are not meant to be employed for bathroom cleaning purposes.

In order to aid you figure out the best ways to clean the bathroom mirrors, this article shall highlight some of the most successful ways of getting this task done. Arguably, they have proven to work well and most experts have continuously recommended the same.

  1. Glass Cleaner or Vinegar Solution
Smiling Woman Cleaning The Mirror Of The Bathroom

A glass cleaner can be easily obtained at your local store but some people opt to go the DIY way and make their own vinegar solution, which is also ideal in cleaning bathroom mirrors. It therefore goes down to a matter of preference and a personal belief in the efficacy of both cleaners. They are put in a spray bottle and typically sprayed as a layer of mist, which can be easily wiped off, compared to excessive application of the cleaner, which makes the whole process untidy thus ending up in minimal success. The same is wiped with a microfiber clothing and the results are instantaneous and usually very satisfactory.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has been long famed for its acidic properties. This makes it a great fit when it comes to cleaning bathroom mirrors as it is very potent in the removal of fat, grease and other varied forms of grime that are normally quite stubborn. Similarly, just like with face tonic, you should make a sizable solution of lemon juice, which is applied to a cotton pad to do the cleaning.  This is then later wiped off with a dry microfiber cloth and the results are often impeccable. It is a mode of cleaning that is quite slept on as people forget that it is effective, cheap, and readily available and a fitting DIY option.

  1. Face Tonic

This has been subject of a lot controversy since many people do not comprehend how face tonic can be a marvelous option in cleaning bathroom mirrors. Essentially, a decent amount of face tonic poured into some cotton pad works wonders when used in this endeavor. After some thorough cleaning is performed, you can now proceed to use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the mirror leaving it squeaky clean and more so streak free. This renders it a great option especially bearing in mind that it is readily available at the local store and also cheap or relatively affordable.

  1. Chlorine solution

This is deemed by many to be the proverbial go to option bathroom cleaning idea. This elixir is destined to guarantee great results. This entails making a very viscous solution which is applied to the mirror and allowed to sit for a while preferably 30 minutes and above. It is a solution made through the mixing of water and some chlorine powder. After the application, the solution is left to dry and later wiped off with a dry cloth after expertly rinsing the mirror to perfection. This leaves behind a mirror that is flawless and without blemish. Surprisingly, it is also a DIY option that is quite basic and easy to deploy.

  1. Toothpaste

This has always sounded like an overreach, as many people have never perceived toothpaste in this regard. Naturally, it is comprehensible that some deem it quite disgusting to use toothpaste in this sense while others just choose to underestimate and its unique innate cleaning properties and capabilities. It is applied on a very clean piece of clothing and this is used to wipe the mirror accordingly. The toothpaste is allowed to sit for approximately 15 minutes or more based on your timelines and it is later delicately wiped with a damp clothing. This is in stark contrast to the other cleaning options where a simple dry microfiber clothing always suffices. This is because of the dense and thick nature of the paste. Finally, it is later wiped clean with a dry cloth for optimum results.

In conclusion, these are arguably the best ways of clean bathroom mirrors. They are simple ways devoid of any complexities. You should therefore not hesitate to try them. However, in case the results obtained tend to be underwhelming, you can consult an expert for better advice since you should never compromise on bathroom hygiene. From the foregoing, you now stand as properly guided.