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What are deep office cleaning services?

Every office needs to be kept clean at all times to create a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment for both employees and clients. Regular office cleaning aims to keep the workplace clean and inviting. The cleaning schedule may also vary depending on the size of your facility and the traffic it receives every day. However, deep office cleaning is more extensive as it requires specialized equipment and trained experts who put in considerable effort to remove any kind of buildup from all surfaces. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about deep office cleaning services and why you should hire one.

How do they work?

Deep cleaning is a process of improving the hygiene and appearance of a space by getting rid of more than just the visible dirt. While it focuses more on areas that receive lots of traffic, professional cleaners also ensure that hard-to-reach surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Therefore, a deep office cleaning service uses thorough cleaning procedures and sanitizes areas in the facility that aren’t frequently cleaned.

clean office space

Clean office space is better to work in

Their task may also include specialized services like machine-washing ceramic tiles, stripping and waxing floors, and spot-cleaning carpets. This means that deep office cleaning professionals are extra thorough in everything and pay close attention to areas that are overlooked during regular office cleaning.

Why is deep office cleaning different from regular office cleaning?

  • Depth of cleaning

Deep cleaning of an office goes beyond the surface level by ensuring all areas in the office are cleaned, including those that are difficult to reach and are often overlooked during regular cleaning. This includes areas such as ceiling corners, baseboards, HVAC vents, and behind furniture. Most often, regular office cleaning takes care of the most visible areas of the office such as desks, floors, and countertops.

  • Frequency of cleaning

Regular office cleaning is done more frequently compared to deep office cleaning. Deep office cleaning can be done at least once a month, quarterly, or a year, depending on the needs of the office. Regular cleaning can be done weekly and takes a shorter time to finish compared to deep office cleaning. Since their cleaning timelines may be limited, they only focus on areas that are more visible or frequently used.

  • Specialized equipment and supplies

A deep cleaning may require the use of high-quality cleaning products and specialized equipment such as air scrubbers, steam cleaners, and disinfectants. Regular cleaning uses common cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners, mops, and brooms. The specialized equipment and supplies used by deep office cleaning services may require more time to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt that are embedded deep in surfaces.

  • Cost

The price quotation for a deep office cleaning is typically more than regular office cleaning when compared on a one-off basis. One of the reasons is that deep cleaning requires more time, effort, and specialized equipment because it covers all areas and goes beyond the visible dirt. Deep cleaning takes a longer time to finish which could result in more labor hours when compared to regular office cleaning.

Why is deep office cleaning important?

As we mentioned before, deep cleaning services go beyond the surface level by cleaning all areas in the office including those that are hard to reach. This can help get rid of germs, dirt, and dust that can build up over time, creating an unhealthy environment for employees. A clean and tidy office improves the indoor air quality which helps to reduce the risk of airborne illnesses and diseases. Deep office cleaning improves employee productivity as they feel more comfortable working in a clean and healthy environment.

A clean office can also create a good first impression on customers, clients, and visitors. This helps to attract new business and build healthy business relationships with investors and other people who may be interested in the growth of the company. Deep cleaning an office reduces the time spent on regular cleaning since most of the surfaces are already free from stubborn stains and embedded dirt. Knowing that your office is professionally cleaned gives you peace of mind so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

A deep office cleaning service will be the right choice for you if you want to get rid of dirt, dust, and all kinds of buildup from different areas of your office. However, if you just want to keep your office neat, then regular cleaning will be sufficient. Hiring a professional cleaning company not only saves you time and money but also works tirelessly to deliver the best outcome.