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How to Create Space for Christmas Gifts in Kids’ Rooms

When you think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is often brightly wrapped presents and kids jumping for joy on Christmas morning. However, in many homes, the practical challenge of finding space to store all those extra toys can be a daunting task. This article will show you some simple and creative ideas for how to create space in your child’s bedroom so they can keep enjoying their new gifts and reduce clutter. Whether it is creating additional storage shelves or finding sneaky spaces under beds and tables, plenty of affordable solutions are available to help make your holiday season merry and bright.


A great way to get started on creating more room is by decluttering their spaces. Choose items they no longer need or use and either donate them or store them elsewhere. Stick with smaller objects first like stuffed animals, toys, and books.

Christmas gifts under the tree
Christmas gifts bring clutter, be prepared!
However, do not forget about bulky furniture and non-toy items such as shelves and bins that may also be creating a cramped atmosphere. With everything organized and less cluttered, you will be able to find the perfect place for each new addition from Santa.

Use Hidden Storage Solutions

During the Christmas season, it can be difficult to find storage space for all those new gifts for kids. Fortunately, you can implement creative hidden storage solutions that can help parents find just enough room in their children’s bedrooms to fit in the presents. Shelves with sliding panels, under-bed drawers, or furniture items with built-in compartments are great ideas to store items out of sight and still provide your little ones with an organized place so they can easily access their presents. With these hiding spaces, you will be able to take advantage of every inch of your children’s small rooms and still make them feel as though Father Christmas came back this year.

Use Wall Shelves

Creating more space in your children’s bedrooms can be achieved with the use of wall shelves. Wall shelves provide functional display space with easy access to items, while also helping to keep a child’s bedroom organized and tidy. Wall shelves can also be used creatively. They can be decorated with festive Christmas touches such as garland or lights, making them part of any room design. As an added bonus, some wall shelf systems are adjustable so they will grow with the child. Utilizing wall shelves can help reduce the stress of the gift-giving season while adding joy and fun too.

Reassigning the Functions of Different Pieces of Furniture

An innovative technique for maximizing floor space in a kid’s bedroom is by moving furniture around to make room for gifts. For example, move the bed against one wall and fill the other side of the room with shelves and drawers that can store books or clothes depending on size. If there is only a single wardrobe in the room, consider temporarily replacing it with cubes and boxes that can hold smaller presents. Making use of blank walls can add extra storage space if mounted shelves and hooks are installed, which will leave more floor area free to spread out gifts while they are being opened. Reassigning furniture in this way each winter may be tiresome but ultimately there will be plenty of joy when kids find out what Santa has got them.

Designating a Certain Corner or Closet

For those with children that are anticipating gifts this Christmas, it may make more sense to designate a certain corner or closet in their rooms for storage. This allows parents to keep track of all presents, as well as maintain an orderly and organized home. Additionally, this can be a great teaching opportunity for your children with regard to Thanksgiving as they receive items and appreciate them coming from the special spot provided by their parents specifically for their gifts. This is meant to help your child develop responsibility skills in order to better organize and store the gifts they receive, preparing them early on to understand the value of hard work and effort put into acquiring belongings.

Creating space in your kids’ rooms for Christmas gifts does not have to be difficult. By following these simple tips, you can easily make room for all of the presents Santa is going to bring. In addition, when it comes time to put away the holiday decorations, you can use these same tricks to make sure everything fits back into its rightful place.