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Cleaning 11 Hard-to-Reach Places

We all know the feeling of having a home that is clean and tidy, but sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of your cleaning routine. From annoying cobwebs in high ceiling corners to dust build-up behind appliances, there are plenty of hard-to-reach spots around the house that can be neglected. However, fear not. This article shows you how to clean 11 hard-to-reach spots so your home remains sparkling from top to bottom.

Clean Behind Appliances

This is often forgotten but should not be overlooked as dirt, dust, and grime can accumulate over time making it difficult to remove all at once. Taking the time to move appliances, such as refrigerators and ovens, out from the wall just slightly can make it easier for you to get an all-around even clean using whatever cleaners work best for your home and family.

Clean Behind Furniture

man cleaning inside the oven
Cleaning inside the oven can be hard, let us do it for you!

To make sure your place is spotless from top to bottom, do not overlook the small areas you do not see often. Make it a point to move furniture around and clean behind it whenever possible to ensure that dust and dirt is thoroughly removed.

Sweep Up Cobwebs Out Of High Corners

When tackling high corners, always make sure you are sweeping up cobwebs first. Not only do cobwebs accumulate dust, making them difficult to remove, but they also may contain things like moths and spiders, critters you do not want scurrying back into your home. Be sure to use a sturdy extension duster or vacuum attachment specifically designed for cleaning these tough spaces before continuing with other tasks.

Wipe Down Fan Blades

It is essential to maintain your fan blades in a tiptop shape, otherwise, dust and dirt could build up and reduce the performance of the fan. An easy way to keep them clean is to make sure you wipe down the fan blades with disinfectant wipes as you pass through each room. This will not only give your fan a much-needed sprucing but it will also help to keep your home fresher for longer between cleanings.

Deep Inside the Oven

Cleaning deep inside the oven can be challenging because it is a hard-to-reach place. Start by using a thin spatula or brush to scrape off any chunks of dirt that have been caked onto the surface. If necessary, use an old sock filled with baking soda to scour away more stubborn debris.

Behind Washer and Dryer Units

There are now many tools designed to help deep clean hard-to-reach areas like between your washer and dryer unit. With vacuums with extended hoses, special angled brushes for dusting, and even mini sweeper attachments for handheld vacuum cleaners, those tricky spots tucked away in our homes just got a little easier to tackle.

The Space Underneath The Sink

When thinking of cleaning up hard-to-reach places, there is often one very difficult spot that may be overlooked, the space underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks. Lurking dirt and grime accumulates here over time and should be regularly attended to. Getting down on your hands and knees to inspect this area can make for a thorough clean-up job.

Tops of Curtains

The best way to get rid of dust, dirt, and other debris from curtains is by using a microfiber cloth and a stepladder. Start at the top hem of the curtain and gently wipe downward for full coverage. This will ensure that no corner is left untouched leaving you with sparkling clean curtains.


To tackle the problem of cleaning stairs, start by investing in a few specialized tools such as a hand vacuum with an extendable wand or even a telescopic duster. This makes it easier to reach up higher or even behind stairs if necessary. Next, use cleaning cloths with long handles so you will not have to stretch too far while standing on the ladder.


Cleaning baseboards is often overlooked when cleaning around the house, yet it is an integral step to achieving a germ-free environment. Cleaning tools like a handheld vacuum or duster and extension pole can reach even the toughest areas around baseboards and windowsills with minimal effort.

Behind Picture Frames

Make sure to take the extra step of cleaning behind picture frames for a total makeover. After all, these nooks and crannies are often forgotten and the dust will eventually catch up with you. Reaching these spaces may be difficult, but it is worth it at the end when you can clearly see all of your beautiful photos and artwork in stunning detail.

Making sure to keep these 11 hard-to-reach places clean is essential to maintaining a clean home. Not only will you benefit from having a cleaner space, but it will also help reduce allergens in the air and improve air quality. By consistently keeping up with cleaning these areas and using the right tools, you can ensure your home remains fresh and lively.